State of Mind

L'Anguille is a French slang word used by the Parisian thieves at the end of the Nineteenth Century, to name the belt.

Young Parisian brand launched in June 2015 by Cyril Dunn, L'Anguille conceives and produces accessories of quality, made out of leather : belts for men and women, keyrings, multi-use pouches, camera straps, working aprons, bracelets,...

Each object, plain and functionnal, is handcrafted with the greatest care in the Parisian workshop.


The choice of the best raw materials combined to a meticulous handwork, makes each object unique, dedicated to a life of use.

The leather, mainly coming from France, respects fully the environment, being organically tanned.

The buckles are made out of solid brass and the seams are handmade with linen thread covered of bee's wax.

Specific demands

If you would like to:

- personalize a product (embossing of initials, choice of colors association),

- renovate an object (belts, bags, straps)

- realize a custom-made work (belts, toolkits, handles of bike or motorcycle, camera straps, working aprons, …),

Do not hesitate to contact Cyril: