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Brands There are 6 brands

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  • A Piece Of Chic

    This collaboration with A Piece Of Chic, the famous silk scarfs brand made in Lyon - France- takes place naturally.

    Sharing the same passion for accessoires of quality, Sebastien Chirpaz - founder of A Piece Of Chic - and Cyril Dunn - founder of L'Anguille - agreed on a elegant card folder.

  • Blitz Motorcycles

    An intense encounter with Fred and Hugo, shared passions, and the common desire to work together... One did not need much more to concretize the first projects: a custom-made piece of leather for ' Monica " Guzzi SP1000, a pair of leather handles matched with the driving hood of a flat-twin and more recently an indestructible belt embossed by the famous flash of lightning.

  • Jicqy

    When Jicqy crosses L'Anguille, a hot and sandy wind gets up near the desert, giving birth to a magnificent finery. The Collection Khamsin consists of a necklace and a cuff, which associate a croüte of calf with a piece of brass, gilt 24 carats.

  • Sports d'Epoque

    Sports d'Epoque is a French brand established in 2007 by Benoît and Géraud d' Argenlieu, two brothers passionate with sport.

    Sports d'Epoque offers a wide range of retorts of the shirts of the old times, as well as a range of "inspired" products, which integrate elements of the history of the sport, via embroidery having existed but also by materials and cuttings fitting to the spotted period.

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  • Thomas V

    Thomas.V conceptualises, develops and creates all his jewellery by hand in his studio in Paris. He has a preference for working with raw materials, renowned in design history, which he sources from Paris and the surrounding areas.

    His natural ability to fuse these different styles makes him a truly unique artist.

  • Wheels & Waves

    After a first participation to the 2014 Wheels and Waves Festival (combining surf and custom and vintage motorcycles), L'Anguille could only get closer to the Southsiders to work on a collaboration for the 2015 edition. In record time, a robust belt to passer-by, black and gleaming, delicately embossed, was born.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items